Nutrition & Feeding

Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy pet. Nutrients in pet foods should provide what is needed for metabolic body processes and should help fight off disease.
Proper feeding habits with nutritious food on a regular schedule can prevent:

Nutritional deficiencies
Irritation or malfunction of the digestive system

Improper feeding habits can cause or contribute to:

Dental disease
Heart disease
Liver disease
Inflammation and/or bleeding in the intestines

Many animals die each year from such diseases. Avoid table scraps and high fat foods. Your pets should be offered foods developed for them or recommended by your veterinarian.

Provide Plenty of Clean Water

All animals are susceptible to dehydration and kidney disease if deprived of water, quickly leading to serious complications. Nutritious food and clean, fresh water are important to your pet's health!

Avoid Vigorous Exercise after Meals

Vigorous exercise after meals can lead to a life-threatening condition called bloat, which affects all breeds of dogs, but large, deep-cheated dogs are affected more frequently. With early and aggressive medical and surgical treatment, 80% or more of these patients survive this horrible condition.